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The world’s finest selection of skin care, body care, aromatherapy and cosmetic products is found at As a premier retailer for luxury beauty products for at-home use, Apothica provides millions of customers access to the best clinically-based, dermatologist tested products available. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company is one of only a handful of authorized partners for the world’s highest quality skin care brands, and the professional background of world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Mark Taylor, our medical director, assures that only the world’s finest, most effective product lines are presented. We have hand-picked products that are used in the world’s finest dermatologist offices and spas, and offer them to our customers with pride, knowing their quality is unsurpassed.

Presenting premium skin care, bath and hair care brands, the most exclusive cosmetics and perfume lines, plus home fragrances, diffusers and scented candles, and an extensive variety of natural and organic products, Apothica is the online destination of choice for an all-encompassing, luxurious beauty experience for the body and the home.

In keeping with our commitment to delivering the highest quality beauty experience and results, Apothica provides the knowledge and information needed by clients to help them choose just the right products for their unique needs. Licensed estheticians are on staff to offer complimentary phone consultations to answer questions and assist clients in crafting their most effective skin care regimen, and comprehensive product descriptions and ingredient listings are provided to help our customers make informed choices.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing the finest products available, and extends to the entire customer experience. From a user-friendly interface, exciting ways to save, a generous loyalty rewards program, free shipping on all orders more than $49 and easy access to friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives who truly care, our customer service is second to none. Customer feedback is absorbed and appreciated as we constantly strive to enhance the entire shopping experience and provide new ways to help our customers find and save on brands that are important to them. We are proud that our clients can shop at leisure from home, with all the tools necessary to help them make informed choices, with confidence derived from knowing they purchase from a respected, authorized leader in the online retail community.

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