• Research, education, and cutting-edge technologies make up Biopelle® skin care products. These innovative treatments fight all signs of aging, plus hyperpigmentation and acne. The core lines include Retinol, Exfoliate, Growth Factor, and Brighten.

    Dark circles are something almost all of us face. Biopelle Dark Circle Relief Cream lightens and brightens the under eyes, no matter what the cause may be, with powerful 1% Vitamin K Oxide. For intense anti-aging results in as little as one month, try Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40. It uses SCA Biorepair Technology with growth factors to smooth, firm, and brighten your complexion.

    Ferndale Laboratories Inc. has launched Biopelle as a new aesthetic division. Through breakthrough products with proven, scientific formulas, their goal is to become the most trusted partner in the clinical skin care industry