• SpaRitual specializes in natural, eco-friendly spa products. Every item in the line is 100% vegan, without synthetic dyes or parabens. SpaRitual nail polish is made of sustainable ingredients from around the world, and organic plant extracts are used whenever possible.

    The brand specializes in products for manicure and pedicure treatments. With a wide selection of nail polish shades, bath salts, cuticle creams, and moisturizers, SpaRitual is committed to providing an eco-friendly spa experience.

    One of the brand’s most popular items is the Fluent Extra Strength Conditioning Lacquer Remover. A chemical-free alternative to traditional nail polish remover, this moisturizing, vegan formula removes lacquer gently and easily. A. Benedict, an Apothica customer, raves: “This is my third bottle of this lacquer remover. I think it is great! The polish removes fairly easily, and the smell is very pleasant.”

    SpaRitual nail polish is also very popular. Donna, an Apothica customer, loves the “Mystic” Mini Nail Lacquer. She says it “goes on smoothly, and dries pretty quickly.” This nail polish, like all nail lacquers in the line, is free of chemicals such as formaldehyde and touene, and it is fully vegan.