• No one wants to hear the dreaded words: “you smell.” That’s why You Smell created decadent soaps to keep your skin fresh, clean, and aromatically scented. These soaps are more than just, well “soap.” Crafted with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Glycerin, they drench the skin in moisture, leaving it super soft and supple. They create the softest, creamiest lather you can imagine and are triple milled, meaning they’ll last for ages. Perfect for a first date, or to reignite sparks, try You Smell Bar Soap - Sweet Seduction. It’s bright and fruity with rich sultry undertones, making it both playful and sexy.

    You Smell was developed out of the need for a non-stuffy, elegant, beautiful, and delicious product that isn’t taken too seriously. With a style that combines the class of Audrey Hepburn, the funky style of Anthropologie, the humor of Kristen Wiig, and the elegance of Kate Spade, You Smell captures beauty at its best. Launched after the airing of You Smell on Shark Tank, it’s become a huge success, with rave reviews and press.