M2 Advanced High Potency Skin Refinish

Back by popular demand, M2 Advanced High Potency Skin Refinish is the original, celebrated Mama Lotion formula. Ideal for spot treatment of stubborn dark spots, acne blemishes, acne scarring and deep wrinkles, this is the most advanced strength of Skin Refinish. It controls breakouts, reduces pores size and evens skin tone for a flawless, youthful appearance.

4.75 51
Review Best skin product I have ever used.
5 5stars
Skin refinish I use this in the morning along with the M2 Eye Serum and Moisturizer. I really like it. It makes my skin glow! After it dries, I put my makeup on.
5 5stars
Can't go wrong Love this product!
5 5stars
Awesome! No more breakouts. Helps with acne scars & reduce pore size. Skin looks so much smoother!
5 5stars
Want clearer, smoother skin?? This is the best! I love the M2 line ... I use the 20% refinish in the a.m. followed by the moisturizer, then the high potency Mama refinish and moisturizer before bed. A little goes a long way! Smooth, smooth skin and I'm in my late 60's!
5 5stars
For smooth skin I've ordered this product multiple times. Couldn't be more pleased. It does a great job smoothing out my skin. I had acne as a teen and this just seems to smooth out the scarring like nothing else. My skin has always been oily and this doesn't do much to mitigate that, but that's something I'm willing to live with considering what it does in brightening my skin and smoothing it out.
5 5stars
This works! I tried a lot of acne products and this one really works! I'm so happy I decided to try it. Packaging is neat and helps preserve the ingredients in the bottle.
5 5stars
really works for acne and blackhead Absorb fast and not greasy. Will cause dryness and peeling, highly recommend using deep hydration serum in the morning +high SPF sunscreen.
5 5stars
Read the Directions! I bought this because I suffer from adult acne and have a lot of hyper pigmentation and old acne scars. I've been using it as directed for about six months and I absolutely can tell a difference! All the people that say it's too sticky, know this: If you READ THE DIRECTIONS, it tells you to apply a thin layer, let dry, THEN APPLY MOISTURIZER! Then, it's not sticky at all! The smell also goes away after you do as directed and apply the cream. I LOVE this product and I'm glad I bought the 20%. It's lasted me a long time and when I do run out, I will definitely be purchasing more. READ THE DIRECTIONS people! Thank you SkinCareRX. I think I read over 100 reviews on products before purchasing this one! I love it!
5 5stars
I am not crazy about it I wish I could write a raving review about M2 Advanced High Potency Skin Refinish, but I cannot. After using up a whole bottle, I cannot tell the difference on my skin. This product is very sticky, even if it's used sparingly, and it does not seem to be absorbed.
3 5stars
Best product for acne This product is as effective as doctor prescribed Vit A...hope they don't change the formula.
5 5stars
Great skin brightening This product worked great on skin brightening and tightening. Helped to even out my skin tone
4 5stars
Mosquito bites away This product helped lighten my mosquito bites from a recent camping trip! Works like magic for me.
4 5stars
Made acne worse This product helped brighten my skin and appeared to start clearing my acne after the first few days of use. However, after 2-3 weeks, I noticed several closed comedones on my face in places I usually don't break out. I initially thought the product was purging my clogged pores, but this lasted well into the 8th week of use, when I stopped and concluded it made my breakouts worse. It was helpful as a spot treatment for cystic acne by making them disappear faster but did nothing to minimize breakouts around that time of month. I will not purchase this product again. I was excited after reading all of the reviews and bought 2 bottles, but unfortunately I don't even think I'll get to the second one. I'm 26 and have oily skin.
2 5stars
Perfect Good one! I used it every day, less black heads for a while.
5 5stars
Great Product Even out my skin tone especially with brown spots. I have ordered twice before and will continue to reorder as needed. Best product for my skin so far!
4 5stars
So Far So Good! I've been using this product for a little over two weeks, has really helped even out my skin discolorations. I'm happy so far!
5 5stars
Effective My skin got peeled off and pores on my nose got minimized. Less blackheads on my nose.
4 5stars
Solution for acne and age spots This product saved me. I'm 51 and still experiencing acne and with years of too much sun exposure, also dealing with age spots. Once I started using M2, both issues were corrected and my skin began to have a glow again. Great product for wrinkles and dull skin.
5 5stars
Good Results I finally finished using this product. And I am quite satisfied with the result. I will recommend it to my friends.
5 5stars
Miracle product M2 has been a miracle for me. I am 51 and was still prone to adult acne until I starting using this product. It has completely cleared my skin and added dramatically to getting rid of age, brown spots. Best product ever!
5 5stars
Seems to help my acne prone skin I am prone to lots of whiteheads and putting this product on at night seems to reduce the number of whiteheads that I get.
5 5stars
Brown spot miracle I have brown spots on my face left from pregnancy. I could tell a difference in the appearance of my spots the next day after using the M2 Refinish. Make sure to use moisturizer after applying... Read the directions.
5 5stars
Wonderful I bought this for my daughter along with the M2 Cleanser. She had terrible acne and acne scars. She has tried lots of other systems and had no luck until now. We saw visible results in one week. It's now been three weeks and her skin hasn't looked this good in years. Very happy with this purchase.
5 5stars
M2 Skin Refinish - #LOVE I've used M2's Skin Refinish for years and love it! I call it a "sealant" since it seems to trap moisture and brightness and keep out dryness and dullness. I use it a couple of nights a week in my unique combination skin care regime and always think I look more well-rested and vibrant the morning after I've used it. Try it!
5 5stars
Love M2! My skin is much brighter and healthier looking since I started using M2. Highly recommend this product along with the M2 eye cream and moisturizer.
5 5stars
Great product I have been using this for one month and my skin has felt very smooth and clear. I would recommend it!
5 5stars
M2 Product brightens and evens skin without over-drying skin.
4 5stars
Great product! I really like this product. I have been using it for a month. My skin is more smooth and polished looking. I also have noticed the pigmentation spots on my face have lightened as well. I will definitely keep using!
5 5stars
Excellent After two weeks, I could see significant improvement to my skin. My skin is much brighter and smoother, I can also see my acne blemishes starting to fade. Definitely a great purchase.
5 5stars
A Must for hyperpigmentation Really seems to work!
5 5stars
Love I love this product and have been using for about 3yrs..I have oily acne prone's not a prod that dries out my face. I've seen my discoloration even out and it doesn't give me any discomfort when I apply it to my face.
5 5stars
Third Bottle I don't want to be without this product. I'm 64 but my skin looks like it's 40.
5 5stars
Hyperpigmentation Great in evening skin tone especially with my hyperpigmentation.
5 5stars
on my second bottle will not be without this product. bought this 6 months ago to see if it would fade a dark pencil eraser size spot (melasma from a second pregnancy) on my cheekbone. well it did. it also faded all spots on my face, to the point i don't need to worry about makeup to cover up, most are completely gone. in addition, this product has made me get less pimples, has improved my skin texture, and has reduced redness and pore size. i need very little "skin" makeup at 43. I will keep using this product. as a side note, i went to a dermatologist for a baseline skin exam, and she said my skin appears 10-15 years younger than 43! she said she wouldn't give me botox or fillers even if I begged for them. i really like M2!
5 5stars
does what it says it does! I am 43, light skin. i have been using this product for about 6 months now. my skin looks terrific. the M2 has greatly lessened the melanoma and dark spots (sun) on my face. in addition, my skin is less red, much clearer, and has improved greatly in appearance. I have combo skin, no wrinkles, and still get zits (not acne), but this product has reduced the size of my pores, and I am no longer breaking out with pimples even occasionally. I use this product almost every evening, avoiding my eyes, and will continue to use it. works great for me. no adverse affects or stinging.
5 5stars
Best product for acne I have used Benzoyl Peroxide on my skin for years to help control my acne on my face, chest and back. I was tired of the long process of putting it on, waiting for it to dry and only wearing white cloths in fear that it will ruin the rest of my wardrobe only to get semi-effective results. So, I read many reviews on this product and decided to try it out. It literally is a miracle worker. My skin has never looked this good in my entire life. My face is tighter, pores are smaller and my break outs are basically gone. Only down side is it is expensive and can be a little bit sticky, but I will take that over benzoyl peroxide any day. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! If you never found a product that really helped with acne, please try this out.
5 5stars
Makes Skin Behave This refines my routine. I have roseacea (which is controlled by IPL Fotofacials ), & comination skin. So many cosmetics & hair products make me breakout, so my routine of Philosophy cleanser, serum & moisturizer have been my staples for years. I still needed something, because I had little white bumps & small pimples, & I'm starting to get wrinkles. Exfoliating & retinods aggravated my skin. So, I heard about mandelic/maelic acids -what a help this is to my skin! In just 3 uses my pores started clearing up, the little white bumps are going away and there are few if any tiny pimples. There is some stickiness, but I either live with it or add a tiny bit if moisturizer over the M2 after it dries. My rosacea isn't aggravated at all! After a couple of weeks, I started to get some slight peeling, but cutting back to every other night helped. Great product.
5 5stars
M2 skin refinish vs. MaMa. Pump breaks. Hyaluronic Acid problems. I have been using M2 since they made the old MaMa formula and throughout the time they changed it to this (M2 Skin Refinish 20%). I have medium-soft skin with a slight olive color (French/Italian), a thick spongey texture, large pores and oily T-zone. Frequent breakouts especially in the past few years from age 35 since I stopped taking the Pill. MaMa original really kept my post-pill breakouts in check, gave my skin a more even and smooth texture (makeup goes on like a dream) and most importantly, kept my dark spots from sticking around too long after the occasional blemish. I'm glad it's back on the market (Used to be called 'MaMa Lotion' and is now available again, as 'M2 Advanced High Potency Skin Refinish') but sad that the bottle is so small it really seems to be around 2X the expense. Would be worth it if I hadn't found that MD Skincare's steps 1 & 2 in the morning do the same if not better job for me and I prefer them! I used to get MaMa lotion instead since it was a bit more cost-effective but now that it's almost as pricey, I just go for the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel 60 Packettes and enjoy the convenience at a (now) similar price point. That said, it's still a great product but the bottle is a problem. The pump always clogs, eventually breaks and sadly I was throwing much of it out since I couldn't get it out of the bottle. Now that MaMa is only 1 oz, you really can't afford that problem (tho I think maybe the manufacturers are hoping you'll run out before the pump dies in the new package!) Finally I overcame that by breaking open the outer-sheath thingy at its gold band. You actually have to kind of snap it open because it doesn't screw off. I think it's glued. Don't be shy, just twist it till it breaks. Then pull the product cavity out of the outer sheath and just use that as the container. I throw the outer part out, although it's pretty, but it just gets in the way. Now if you're lucky you can still manage the pump a while longer but when that fritzes out you can screw the weird top pumpy thing right off. It doesn't look like it, but you can just screw it open normally and dispense onto your finger to apply. Another couple of comments: I don't see what's the big deal on the stickyness. You just wear it at night when you sleep and wash your face in the morning, so for me that was a non-issue. You get used to it after the first couple of nights and it becomes like high heels - they're never really comfy like tennies but you deal, right? Anyhow, I guess the makers say that the way to reduce stickiness would (at least to their current knowledge) require adding stuff you don't need which may risk pore-clogging. Yikes, I'll take the natural stickiness of Mandelic and Malic Acids anytime. Lastly, a comment about the new M2 Skin Refinish vs. the original. My problem with the new one was Hyaluronic Acid. I can't use anything with that in it - unfortunate because makers are now shoving it into just about everything! I get it, it's moisturizing because it assists your cells in retaining water, but for me it's a nightmare!!! It makes my otherwise manageable zits turn into giant water postules which I could only refer to as 'boils.' My skin will get a deep cystic start of something, which I used to try to ignore until it went away, but anything with Hyaluronic Acid in it exaggerates the surrounding moisture in a cyst until it becomes like a huge water blister deep under my face. It will throb and turn red, sometimes even so puffy as to make my face look distorted. Eventually, it gets hardened, oozes (I'm not kidding) fluid for maybe 2-3 DAYS, then finally dries out and becomes a big dark thin scab area which eventually (with the help ironically of Mandelic and Malic Acids peels and goes away. This process takes maybe 2 weeks so since I usually have about 2 of these per month in my cycle, I spend about half of my life with the acute pain and ugliness, then about 2 weeks with the dry scab to cover up before 2 new ones form again elsewhere. The effect of Hyaluronic Acid on cystic blemishes is an absolute horror. Its effect on a normal average zit within my skin is to make it puffier and fuller of fluid. It takes longer to heal and because there is a layer of little water-ballooned cells just below the skin surface, layers above the water-retaining layer are thin delicate tissue-like as if the skin covering a blister. I was in danger of accidentally wiping the top couple of layers of skin right off just by using a washcloth, so I had to be very careful. Once the skin would get rubbed off on top, the area would ooze like crazy. Big drips seeping out from the area that I had to blot with a cotton ball and check for oozing throughout the day. It's super moisturizing powers are like an inflammation exaggerator to my skin type. If you have this problem and wonder what's going on, take a look at the back of your products and see if this ingredient could be the culprit. This is not meant to scare you, but if you see that happen, maybe your skin responds like mine to Hyaluronic Acid! It took me about a year to figure it out, especially since it's also in the M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer as well as other products. If you don't like this product, I highly recommend the original MaMa Lotion formula, which doesn't have H.A. and also others claim it works much better for their skin. I think the stuff is awesome. Would be 5 stars except: Minus the crummy bottle. And hiked up price.
4 5stars
Works! This product is as effective as doctor prescribed Vit A...hope they don't change the formula.
5 5stars
MaMa Lotion I do not normally write reviews but I felt compelled to talk about how amazing this stuff has been for me! I have been using it for two weeks now, a first time user and I must say it has transformed my face!!! I used to get some bad pimples that took like 2 weeks to go away but since using MaMa, i barely get any! If I do get any pimples, they are not as big and they go away in one or two days if I keep using the MaMa lotion! It is so expensive but I think it is extremely worth it. I use it 6 nights a week and it can get itchy but that feeling is worth it if my face continues to look this great!! I could probably go without wearing makeup most days because of this stuff! Please do not ever stop selling this amazing product! :)
5 5stars
Great, but a few major complaints... I'm really glad they brought back the original MAMA Lotion formula as an option. I've been hoarding the old formula bottles, and sometimes using the revised formulas (both 20% and 12%), but to me the original formula works better for me. I just received this bottle though, and was floored to realize that it's MUCH smaller in size that either the other M2 Skin Refinishes or the original MAMA Lotion. The photo in this listing is quite deceptive if you ask me. I realize it's cheaper, but not proportionally, and besides they have to take some ingredients OUT compared to the revised M2, so it *should* be cheaper in the full-size bottle. For the size and price, will have to give it only 4 stars instead of 5.
4 5stars
So glad this is back! I used MaMa from the time it came out and loved it. When it was replaced with the 'new and improved' M2 I was sorely disappointed; M2 did nothing near what MaMa did for my skin and I went in search of a replacement - there were none to be found. I'm thrilled the original formula is back and my skin is again improving. The bottle/container it comes in is a different story, however. Basic is always better when it comes to these things and the packaging now is gimmicky and excessive. When you have a quality product it is unnecessary to waste money on complicated containers and delivery systems. MaMa is a five star product; the container is just wasteful.
5 5stars
Mrs. Love this stuff! So glad they brought back the original. I hope they always, always keep this formulation on the market!! Thanks!!
5 5stars
Love it I frequently used the 20% refinish until this came out. I've been using it for about 2 months now and completely love it! Yes, there is a weird smell, but it isn't unpleasant and it keeps my skin clear, so I don't mind it. I would breakout after shaving sporadically, but I haven't since I've used this.
5 5stars
Excellent Product I have a caramel complexion with both acne scars and dark spots from too much sun exposure (without any UV protective face products). I am currently in cold weather, however, and wanted to try out this product before I went back to high sun exposure. My current skin regime is to (at night) wash my face with Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (with the exfoliating beads in it), then use this refinishing formula (not too much - I put a tiny bit on each face quadrant, then rub it in). In the morning, I will wash my face with either the Neutrogena wash again, or with Cetaphil - depending on the dryness of my skin - using a skin buffer. Then I put on the M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer and either Aveeno lotion or Oil of Olay moisturizer for the extra dry spots. Yes, the refinishing formula does dry out the skin and I would recommend daily exfoliation with a good buffer (I use EcoTools bamboo facial buffer). I use the refinishing formula every other day so as to avoid excess drying out of my skin. But I use the Skin Recovery Moisturizer every morning. In the past two weeks that I have been using the products, others have noticed a significant improvement in my skin - both in lightening current dark spots and acne scars, and in preventing acne flare ups. However, I have also changed my OCP from estrogen-based to purely progesterone. That could also have an impact as estrogen-based OCPs are known to cause darkening of the skin on sun exposure and increase in oil production. When I return to warmer weather and sun, I will be replacing my Oil of Olay moisturizer/Aveeno lotion in the morning with Neova DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 43. I will comment back when I see how that impacts my current face regime results. Lastly, I do hate how the bottle is made - a normal bottle where I can just pour a little out or stick my finger in the get the amount I want would be more convenient. That is the only reason I didn't give the product 5 stars!
4 5stars
Great product! This has made my skin look 5 years younger in the last 3 weeks. So far it has taken the dullness completely away. The dark spots around my mouth from being pregnant have faded dramatically. It seems to be preventing acne flare-ups which is an added bonus. The only downsides are the flaky skin (which I buff away with baking soda in the morning before moisturizing), and my skin seems to get much greasier by the end of the day which I am not sure if it is because of the product drying my skin which is causing it to overproduce the oil or if it because it has completely unclogged my pores allowing the oil to flow freely.
4 5stars
Mama Original- Should have never left! I started using Mama lotion over twelve years ago and had amazing results. Once they changed the formula, claiming it was the same (just without the parabens), I knew it wasn't. I had a bottle left over and could compare the ingredients... they were nothing close to the original. I am so glad that they listened and finally brought back the ORIGINAL formula. It is the best skin refinisher, acne treatment, anti aging treatment, skin discoloration product on the market (for the price). They did however more than double the price of the original from over a decade ago :) Try this, you will love it. I have tried every beauty product and have been pleased with Dr. Taylor's work but never understood why they got rid of this. So happy to have it back! Hope it stays for awhile.
5 5stars
Mama in the house! M2 is a great line of products and mama is my favorite. I used to use this stuff years ago and it really helped my face so happy its back. All of there products are great. It makes my pores smaller and keeps my face clear kinda sticky and smells funny but it is so worth it. Nothing works for me like M2s products this guy is a customer for life thanks mama.
5 5stars
MaMa is Back! Loved this product. Purchased it immediately when I saw it was back and have seen amazing results so far.
5 5stars
So Excited to See it Back! This was my favorite skincare product and I am so happy that they returned to the old formula! By far this is the best cream to use on the market.
5 5stars
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M2 Advanced High Potency Skin Refinish controls breakouts, reduces pores size and evens skin tone for a youthful appearance.

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51 Reviews


Posted 9/29/2016 by Patel

Best skin product I have ever used.

Skin refinish

Posted 5/13/2016 by Kristen

I use this in the morning along with the M2 Eye Serum and Moisturizer. I really like it. It makes my skin glow! After it dries, I put my makeup on.

Can't go wrong

Posted 5/9/2016 by Jen

Love this product!


Posted 3/24/2016 by Magicbmd

No more breakouts. Helps with acne scars & reduce pore size. Skin looks so much smoother!

Want clearer, smoother skin?? This is the best!

Posted 3/8/2016 by GG

I love the M2 line ... I use the 20% refinish in the a.m. followed by the moisturizer, then the high potency Mama refinish and moisturizer before bed. A little goes a long way! Smooth, smooth skin and I'm in my late 60's!

For smooth skin

Posted 1/25/2016 by Joseph

I've ordered this product multiple times. Couldn't be more pleased.

It does a great job smoothing out my skin. I had acne as a teen and this just seems to smooth out the scarring like nothing else. My skin has always been oily and this doesn't do much to mitigate that, but that's something I'm willing to live with considering what it does in brightening my skin and smoothing it out.

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