M2 Skin Refinish 12%

Eliminate all your skin care woes with one easy-to-use serum. M2 Skin Refinish 12% is a multi-purpose facial treatment that uses a potent combination of mandelic and malic acids to rapidly even skin tone, reduce breakouts, and soften wrinkles.

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Good. Sticky I use products with mandelic acid because they help control my acne. I gave this product a try and it works but the silicone-based ingredients feel sticky especially if you use too much. This product is probably best suited for drier skin.
4 5stars
Dynamic Duo I recently started using M2 12% since I am of African Caribbean decent and it was advised to start with a milder percentage until the skin adapts. I absolutely love the packaging. it's mess free and the pop-up nozzle keeps the contents from getting contaminated. Since using the M2 12% my pores appear smaller, skin is smoother and firm. I will update my progress and whether or not I move to a higher percentage in the months to come.
4 5stars
Love it I've been using it for a year now, absolutely delighted for the results on my face and neck!!! More toned and color even!!!
5 5stars
This works! I tried a lot of acne products and this one really works! I'm so happy I decided to try it. Packaging is neat and helps preserve the ingredients in the bottle.
5 5stars
Bought for mom, good product Bought for my mom who's 60 this year. She looks radiant.
5 5stars
Great product great for sensitive skin!
5 5stars
Good, but sticky... I like the results I get from this serum, but I only use it at night because it is so sticky and leaves a really thick film on your face. Other than that, I like it. I use it after the M2 exfoliating cleanser and it has really cleared up my acne a lot!
3 5stars
Second bottle This is my second bottle and it works for my acne.
5 5stars
Good This one works for my acne. The only concern is it is too sticky.
5 5stars
Good I only been used for three times, so far so good
4 5stars
So so It is not working for dark spot, but makes skin smooth.
5 5stars
M2 Skin Refinish 12% This is good for overall skin issues like acne and hyper pigmentation.
4 5stars
Good serum Great Product. Less intensive than the MAMA formula and 20% one. It's good for summertime.
5 5stars
M2 Skin Refinish 12% I have not really been able to use it regularly yet. I have extreme dry skin and I am trying to get that under control first.
3 5stars
M2 Skin Refinish 12% I love M2 Skin Refinish skin care! It has helped my Skin a lot!! I wear it in the morning and at night!! It Will also help dark spots
5 5stars
Nice product I've using for 3 weeks now. I like it but I guess I put too much on my face so it's a bit sticky. Other than that, good product.
4 5stars
Never heard about the product but has become my favorite I have rosacea with occasional outbreaks. The refinishing serum stings a little but nothing unbearable. After the serum I apply M2 moisturizer at night. In the morning all my pimples are gone and my (mature) skin feels super soft and pores are smaller. The product has a particular smell but nothing really bothersome. I wouldn't use the product in the morning as it is slightly sticky but it is a perfect night treatment.
5 5stars
great product :) I'm 37 and have had mild (but incessant, every single day) acne ever since about 15. I have pale skin and freckles. I need anti-aging stuff that can also deal with my acne. I've been using this about once a day combined with the cleanser and moisturizer, and my skin looks great! I'm not getting white heads, black heads, or pimples in the first place now! I'm super happy with this and I recommend it. I actually chose it based on an internet article listing the 10 best acne products (rated by customers) and this was rated #2, so I decided to try it. It also clears up scarring and redness super quickly, a matter of days. Glad I found it!
5 5stars
New skin in a bottle! M2 does everything it says. I love how it clears blemishes in no time, helps even out skin tone and doesn't leave you feeling the least bit dry. This is one of my favorite products on the market! Don't waste your time or money with any OTHER brands. Get M2, won't be sorry.
5 5stars
M2 12% Skin Refinish, 2nd Review- Week #3 Ok, I am back now that I am in week number three with this product. I am not one for reviews..but I feel that for this product it is granted! So, i am seeing a change in my skin. Since using this product I have had NO cystic acne on my ckin area. I have had one small breakout and that is it. My acne and healing is going away quite fast as well and it's really lightning the markings as well. I have used it every night, with no many others have's sticky..yes, it is..but I feel that the benefits override the sticky feel. As I said below, a thin layer is all you need..wait for it to dry fully before applying your night cream. I am amazed at the results and am going to start with before/after pictures to really get to see my personal results..I can believe I waited SO long to purchase this product..YAY!!!
5 5stars
M2 12% Skin Refinish I have only been using this product for a few days. I purchased the 12% first prior to the 20% in case my skin was too sensitive. The only tingling affect that I have had using this product is around my jaw area after using my Daily Microfioliant by Dermologica ( a great product for those who have sensitive skin and acne/hypermigmentation). As many of the other reviews of this product, it is sticky, you only need a very small amount, 1 pump is enough for my face...wait for it to dry ...go something for 10 mins or so..and apply your night's going to take some time to see if the product really works for me..I will post another review in a month or's worth a try and a good price compared to many out there!
5 5stars
Fantastic I have been using this product for about a month. I am pretty happy with the way it is diminishing my hyperpigmentation areas and my acne is definitely less. I think the true test though is when one of my friends asked me why my skin was looking so good and wants to know what i am using, so I guess its doing the job!!!!! Glad I found it!!
4 5stars
Love the product - hate the bottle I've been using this product on and off for the last 2years. I use it after cleansing at bedtime and wake up with more radiant looking skin! It slowly heals my blemishes, scarring, and melasma. I've been using it for so long that I'm used to the stinging that you can experience - especially if you have picked at your face (guilty!). I loved the MaMa lotion as well. My only complaint is the bottle. My nozzle was never quite smooth at closing and I would have to pump repeatedly to get product out. Now - nothing is coming out but you can't open the bottle to make sure you've used up the contents before sending it off to a landfill. I like squeezing out ever last drop - wish M2 would consider making a bottle you can open.
4 5stars
daily use Hi, i have ebeen using this product on my pigmentation for about 3 weeks and can see great results, i have just read however, that i should only use it every other night, rather than every night (which i have been doing) is there side effects from doing this/??
5 5stars
Absolutely Amazing! I decided to order this M2 skin refinish product when I saw it was a recommended item under the personal microderm page. I read the reviews before I bought it and was still skeptical. I am so happy that I tired it! I have been using it for about two weeks now and the results have been amazing! My skin is acne prone and I tend to breakout constantly but since using the M2 lotion I have cleared up. I have a lot of acne scarring and my skin always has a red appearance. Since using the lotion my skin tone has evened out. I put the lotion on before I go to sleep and wake up to glowing, even toned skin. This stuff is truly amazing and I couldnt be happier! I highly recommend this product!
5 5stars
Fantastic for acne-prone skin BUT you must use properly I ordered this after they stopped making Mama Lotion (which I loved instantly). The first few times I used it I applied too much of the product and went to bed with a sticky face, which I hated but dealt with because I loved the results the next morning. I used this on a rotating system between Retin-A M2 one night, nothing the next night, Retin-A the next night, nothing the following night, then back to M2, etc. After a week or so I'd give my skin a break and not use anything at all for a few nights, which helped keep my skin from being bombarded with products. I did this for about 6 months. After a while, I got so annoyed with the stickiness of this product I stopped using it all over my face and only used it for spot treatments on my acne (I am 36 and have terrible hormonal acne all around my chin while the rest of my face is okay). This stuff is amazing as a spot treatment. I happened to read the reviews last night on how other people were using it and realized I never used this with moisturizer, only by itself, which I figured contributed to the sticky factor. Last night I used a VERY thin amount, waited a full 15-20 minutes for it to soak in and applied a thin layer of moisturizer, let that soak in for a couple of minutes and went to bed. What a HUGE difference! My skin looks much better this morning and didn't get sticky at all. I can't believe I never read the full instructions...I guess I just figured it worked the same way as the MaMa Lotion and never bothered. So, if you use this or the M2 20% (which I just ordered a few minutes ago): %u2022 Only use a VERY THIN LAYER on a clean, dry face. Any more than that and you will feel like you have a thin layer of honey on your face. %u2022 Wait 15 minutes for the product to soak in %u2022 Apply a THIN layer of moisturizer %u2022 Wait 5 minutes for that to soak in before going to bed. As far as the container, I know a lot of people hate the pump and have had problems with it breaking, etc. I haven't had a single problem but I've never dropped the bottle or traveled with it (I pumped some into a small travel jar to use when traveling). My only complaint is it's difficult to tell how much product you have left since the container is opaque. This stuff lasts a good while if you don't use too much and you only use it a few times a week or like me, rotate between this and Retin-A cream (giving your skin breaks by using nothing, too). You will notice a slight stinging/tingly sensation at first but it goes away. You also might see a bit of peeling in the beginning but that subsides as your skin gets used to it as well. If you don't want to use this on your entire face you should seriously consider it as a spot treatment for's amazing.
5 5stars
Great Product for Great Skin!! This product is AMAZING!! I am 27 with sensitive acne prone skin. I use M2 12% in combination with La Roche Posay Active C for Combo Skin and La Roche Posay Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream, and my skin looks great I hardly need any makeup! I've been on numerous prescription acne medications, and yes some worked, but when you read the info on them they don't always sound so safe if you use them for a prolonged amount of time! I was so excited when this product worked and another bonus it's safe during pregnancy! I've had no drying or peelings, and I just ordered the 20% so we'll see how that goes.
5 5stars
Acne Boxcar Scarring I bought this because of the great reviews, and I really love it. This is the 2nd bottle I have purchased, and the 2nd time I purchased, I also bought the moisturizer. While I have boxcar scarring around my temples and cheeks, it has not reduced those, but I definitely notice improvement in my skin texture. Red marks are also fading, but this is no overnight success, you have to keep using it of course. I definitely recommend it. As for my boxcar scarring, I know lotions won't help much unless I were to do lasers, but I still have hope that if I use it long enough, I will see some results. It doesn't break me out, but I did go on Accutane, so that has also helped me in my reduction of breakouts. I still have lots of redness to my face, some days are worse than others, but that might be from my past experiences of using glycolic acids and trying different products, I'm not sure. Anyway, I still have very high hopes for this, and will definitely purchase again.
4 5stars
Great Product-Worth a Try! I have combination, sensitive skin prone to breakouts. This product has help with combating oiliness, pore size, and some hyperpigmentation. I would start with the 12% first before moving 20% or you can stick with the 12%. I had a sample of the 20% it was a bit strong. The texture is a thin gel you apply over your face. Seems to absorb quickly. I wait a minute or two before applying moisturizer or sunscreen. Overall I recommend this product for anyone with sensitive, oily, combination, acne prone skin.
4 5stars
Great Product!!! I've been using this product for about 3wks and have seen amazing results! I'm 27 years old, with sensitive breakout prone skin. I don't even need to wear a foundation, my pores are smaller, even skintone, acne scars fading and now new breakouts!! I was previously using a doctor perscribed acne medication, Metrogel, it was working great until I moved from Florida to England. My pores became enlarged I started breaking out all over even on my neck which I never had before! I've now cempletely stopped using my acne medication all I need is this!! I use it in combination with La Roche Active C at night for moisture and a little extra anti aging, and Hope in a Jar by philosophy during the day. Now all I need is an SPF that won't make me breakout other than what's in my Bare Minerals!!
5 5stars
Magic potion I was so concerned that I would be the exception to all of the rave reviews about this product. . .especially considering the state of my skin when I first applied it. I'm 32, have had mild to moderate acne issues sporadically throughout my life, and more recently these 'hormonal bumps' along my jawline that my dermatologist had treated with oral meds numerous times before. This time, however, it went from bad to worse: inflamed, bumpy, irritated, scaly, and spreading. I was miserable, and even the oral medication wasn't working. A retinol product she prescribed made it go nuts. I finally took matters into my own hands, ordered the whole M2 line, and started with the 12% the first night. Literally, by the next morning, things had begun to calm down. I was afraid to get too happy too soon, but I am into my third week using the serum, moisturizer, and cleanser, and it is the closest thing to a skin miracle my face has ever seen. No side effects, great packaging, well-priced, and THEY REALLY WORK! My skin is smooth, bumps and acne gone, redness and irritation vanished, and sun spots lightening. Even my pores are smaller and fine lines fading. I am in love with M2.
5 5stars
can't believe that this works! Ok, so I just started using the M2 12% b/c my skin is a mess. 40 years old with hyperpigmentation spots from a recent bout with cystic acne and my skin has not responded to perscription ointments, creams, etc. I have tried everything available and have been on antibiotics. I recently stopped the antibiotics and still have two healing cysts on my face. One scab has been there on and off for months....Well, I must say that this serum has helped so much that i am in disbelief! While it can't heal stuff overnight. the next morning you will find that your skin is more even and this scab has shrunk down considerably and is not red anymore. Best of all the cyst does not hurt anymore!. I was afraid to use anything on my face fearing that it would break out or be so sensitive to the product. I have not had any peeling yet, but even I do, it will be worth it if my skin continues to progress as it has so far. I could open up a store with all of the creams and lotions that I have in my bathroom cabinet...but i think that i am ditching them all and sticking to this refinisher and the M2 recovery lotion that i use with it.
5 5stars
Wonderful product! I was suffering from severe adult acne (rosacea) for several months and after using this product for 8 weeks, I am almost back to healthy looking, even, acne-free skin! I immediately noticed an improvement once using this, at first once a day, then AM and PM (AM only very locally since it did try out my skin a bit). I have also been using the M2 skin recovery moisturizer. After 4 weeks, I felt things had hit a plateau and I started using the Peter Thomas Roth sulfur cooling mask several times a week. This combination proved to be a winner! After 6 weeks my skin looked 1000 times better! To help with moisture and aging, I then started using the PCA Exlinea product in the morning, following with the two M2 products as usual. The Exlinea worked wonders on my skin - it made it so soft and even and smooth, I can't believe it! It did not cause any breakouts at all. Even at night after washing my face, it feels super smooth so it seems to stay on/in the skin for a long time. I am extremely happy with these 3 products and plan on using them continuously. I hope you experience the same benefits!
5 5stars
Good for acne This is a good product to use for acne. I haven't noticed a change in my wrinkles but the acne is getting better.
4 5stars
This product is wonderful! My facial skin has been an embarrassment to me all my life. M2 changed this in less than 2 months! Now my face is soft, the skin texture is much smoother than the rough, dry problem I had before.
5 5stars
Great product I've been using this along with the skin recovery moisturizer for about 4 months now. People have been commenting on how great my skin looks for about 2 months. This is the only addition to my skin regimen. My skin feels firmer, pores are minimized and my face feels great
5 5stars
IT WORKS!! I have had melasma for about 10 yrs now and for the last 3 yrs have actively been trying to get it lightened. Have gone through laser treatment program, triluma, Obagi Nu-Derm, chemical peels, and various bleaching agents dermatologists and an esthetician have recommended. Nothing really worked and I ended up with rosacea, sensitive and dry skin. A month ago I started M2 Skin Refinish 12% and after 2 weeks added the M2 Moisturizer. I am so pleased that these products didn't trigger any redness at all and the texture of my skin has greatly improved. More than anything else, my melasma has lightened as much as 75%. I can't believe I'm finally able to write a positive review on a skin care product for my condition. I do take care of my sun exposure to heart. I use Colorscience sunscreen products and with the mineral sunscreen powder, I feel there's no need to even wear any makeup anymore (I used to wear heavy makeup). I also wear a wide-brimmed hat anytime I go out during the day. I don't take chances with sun exposure knowing the consequence. I'll keep patiently using these products (skin refinisher and moisturizer) and hopefully, they will keep doing what they're meant for -- that my melasma will keep getting lighter and lighter.
5 5stars
excellent product I received a sample of this with an order I placed and I was surprised at how effective it seemed to be in a short period of time. I now use it regularly and can say it is (for me) very effective in making my skin look smooth and bright. I am 61 years old and have taken care of my skin since I was a teenager but this product takes it up a notch (more effective than the retinol cream prescribed by my dermatologist). I highly recommend it for 'aging skin'.
5 5stars
one of the best things I've found OMG! I've been searching for something that will fade my acne marks/scars for years. I've tried everything but some products actually made me break out even more because it's too drying. but this one worked magic on my skin. I followed directions just once every other night. I wake up in the AM and my skin looks amazing! I also use the recovery lotion. both 5 stars!!!
5 5stars
ROSACEA POLICE I have suffered from inflamatory rosacea for years and this product has changed my world. I had papules and red red skin and this product alongside the cleanser and moisturizer did it all. I can use it every day and I honestly couldn't believe the results.
5 5stars
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M2 Skin Refinish 12%


M2 Skin Refinish 12% is a multi-purpose serum that rapidly evens your skin tone, reduces breakouts and softens wrinkles.

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Good. Sticky

Posted 6/30/2016 by Ken Le

I use products with mandelic acid because they help control my acne. I gave this product a try and it works but the silicone-based ingredients feel sticky especially if you use too much. This product is probably best suited for drier skin.

Dynamic Duo

Posted 4/29/2016 by Lechelle

I recently started using M2 12% since I am of African Caribbean decent and it was advised to start with a milder percentage until the skin adapts. I absolutely love the packaging. it's mess free and the pop-up nozzle keeps the contents from getting contaminated. Since using the M2 12% my pores appear smaller, skin is smoother and firm. I will update my progress and whether or not I move to a higher percentage in the months to come.

Love it

Posted 2/28/2016 by Musseta

I've been using it for a year now, absolutely delighted for the results on my face and neck!!! More toned and color even!!!

This works!

Posted 1/20/2016 by MixMatchSmart

I tried a lot of acne products and this one really works! I'm so happy I decided to try it. Packaging is neat and helps preserve the ingredients in the bottle.

Bought for mom, good product

Posted 12/8/2015 by JJLL

Bought for my mom who's 60 this year. She looks radiant.

Great product

Posted 11/20/2015 by Cara

great for sensitive skin!

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